Theater Etiquette

Without reservation we support the actions of John Lacy at the last performance of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. After being heckled by an audience member throughout the first act, when the audience member returned after intermission only to shout homophobic slurs at the actors on stage, Lacy "physically confronted" the audience member, until he left the venue.  The show then continued until it was finished to a standing ovation.  

We've got three problems here as I see it:

  1. Homophobia.  Obviously this needs to end.  Donate to Howard Brown here.
  2. Shitty theater management.  Shocking that they didn't address the issue, forcing an actor to take action. Shocking that they would fire an actor for this.
  3. We've so neutered our audiences at the theater that they would literally rather let some drunk asshole ruin the show for everyone than be seen as "disturbing" the show themselves.  

The answer to the third of these is to activate the equality of performers and audience members. We are all collaborators in the theatrical event and all equally responsible for ensuring its success. Can we please now replace every pathetic, pedantic "turn off your phones" announcement with a humiliatingly essential "escort all disruptive homophobes/sexists/racists/shitheads from the theater" announcement?